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Resources for financing senior living levels of care are available more than ever before. And at Sodalis Senior Living, we understand that everyone has unique circumstances that help determine how they can best afford the costs of senior living for themselves or their loved ones.

To help seniors and family members navigate through the many options available for financing, Sodalis is pleased to partner with Elderlife Financial Services.


At Sodalis Senior Living communities, we’re up to date on the latest news, trends and research. Our blogs, are one of the valuable resources we provide for our readers to review.

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It’s Not Too Late to Manage Heart Disease

Take action by changing your lifestyle and diet habits to prevent or manage heart disease.

Heartfelt Wishes Rooted in Rich History – The Origins of Valentine’s Day

Wishing you a Valentine’s Day full of love and happiness!

10 Things to Know About Heart Disease

The more people know about heart disease, the better they can identify early signs.

Straight from the heart

Heart disease remains the number one cause of death and nearly half of all adults have some form of cardiovascular disease.

Creating New Habits That Carry Throughout the Year

A new year starts with resolutions – hopes for new habits and an opportunity to toss old ones.

New Year’s Resolutions Perfect for Seniors

A new year starts with resolutions – hopes for new habits and an opportunity to toss old ones.

Welcome 2021!

Every new year start with hopes and expectations of great things ahead, but none more than 2021. Here are some activities and things to look forward to.

Join us as we celebrate a New and Better Year!

Every New Year starts with resolutions – inspirations and aspirations for a new and better year.

Engaging with aging seniors to create holiday magic

Celebrating holidays with aging adults requires special planning. Sensitivity and a little planning can go a long way.

Home for the holidays – Precautions for a safe and healthy COVID holiday

Getting ready for the holidays this year means having a safe and healthy celebration.

Santa Surprises – The Best Gifts for Seniors

These gifts are thoughtful, helpful, and can improve your older adult’s quality of life while bringing a smile to their face.


Throughout December, the theme is Celebration at Sodalis. As we come  together, celebrate cherished traditions while creating new ones.

10 Ways to Build Gratitude into your Life

It doesn’t take much to build an attitude of gratitude and reap the benefits of inner peace and happiness.

How Gratitude Supports Health

One of the simplest ways to improve happiness and satisfaction with life is by cultivating an attitude of gratitude. The benefits are endless.

Value of Volunteering

Volunteerism is an intrinsic value that cannot be measured by money or hours, but instead through dedication and gratitude.

Gratitude and Volunteer Appreciation

Gratitude is considered by many to be the healthiest of all human emotions. Don’t wait, start expressing some gratitude today!

Annual Physical Exam: Your Checkup Checklist

Your annual exam is an important checkpoint for your body and it’s important to prepare in advance.

10 Habits for a Happy and Healthy Life

It only takes 18 days to form a new habit and 60 days for it to become automatic. Try adopting these healthy habits!

Take a Mindful Minute

Practicing mindfulness does not need to be another “To Do” on your list but can be done anytime, anywhere. Get started with these simple exercises.

Health Education Resource Guide

Providing a multitude of organizations including website links so you can be more proactive and knowledgeable to better manage your health.

October is Health Information Month at Sodalis!

The building blocks for good health are being knowledgeable and proactive. Take time to learn more about your health.

ZOOM and other ways to stay connected

Follow these instructions and tips below to get started on how to use Skype, Facetime, and Zoom!

Intergenerational relationships benefit all ages

The young may gain a mentor to learn from experiences and for elders, the youthful spirit keeps them engaged.

Did you know – Fun facts about grandparents

September celebrates grandparents and the special connections between different generations.

Sodalis is Celebrating Grandparents & Elders during September.

Throughout the month, Sodalis celebrates all grandparents and elders who enrich the lives of all generations.

Summer and Sun Safety Quiz

August is Summer and Sun Safety month at Sodalis. Do you know how you can avoid being bitten by mosquitos or the signs of a heat stroke? Take this quick quiz to see how “sun savvy” you are.

Here comes the sun… And ways to safely enjoy it.

In addition to the precautions being taken for COVID-19, don’t overlook sun and heat protection to safely enjoy summer activities.

Seven Tips for Outdoor Sun Safety

The sun emits both UVA and UVB rays which cause premature aging and sunburn, respectively. Take these steps to stay sun-safe and protect your skin today!

Being COVID Careful While Enjoying Summer

Fresh air and outdoor activities are some of the best benefits of the summer sun; however, it is important to watch out for ticks.

Be sun smart and think safe

While summer brings much needed warmth and relaxation, there are some risks of being out in the sun too long. Here are some essential sun safety tips to enjoy those sunny rays.

Nothing is more American than apple pie – how about a healthy version?

With just a few mild adjustments, you can some healthy options to your traditional summer picnic.

Summer fun doesn’t have to stop for COVID

With some creative planning, there are many ways to enjoy the summer while following the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) guidelines.

Celebrate summer with fireworks but protect your hearing

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that older adults not be exposed to anything louder than 140 decibels for an extended period of time.

Everyday heroes care for loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease

Caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s and related dementias provide care for a longer duration than caregivers of people with other conditions.

Music to your ears – and brainpower

Relaxing music can alleviate stress—thought to be critically involved in the development and progression of dementia—by lowering cortisol levels.

Can you smell that? The nose knows

While cognitive symptoms are generally the first signs of Alzheimer’s, sense of smell and hearing loss are both connected to brain function and health.

Top foods that will boost brainpower

These brain-boosting foods contain nutrients that are linked to lowering the risk of neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Get up and go with physical exercise to promote brain function

New research is showing that exercise is a simple way for people to decrease their risk for Alzheimer’s disease—even for those who are genetically predisposed.

Fireworks and 244 candles!

Join Sodalis Senior Living as we celebrate America’s birthday and honor our veterans for their dedication throughout the month of July.

A Riddle for Your Thoughts

Puzzles, games, and even riddles can help delay the symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Try out these puzzling riddles to give your brain its workout for the day!

The more people know, the more action they will take.

Joining the nation to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s, the most common form of dementia and one of the nation’s largest public health crises.

June is National Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

Honoring the bravery, strength, and endurance of individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia and their caregivers.


At Sodalis Senior Living, we understand the challenges when considering a senior living community. You may find yourself unsure about how to reach a decision that most people have had little practice in making. We’d like to offer you a selection of guides so you can gain valuable information to help in your search.

A Family Guide to Senior Care & Housing

Financial Guide: For more information on the costs of senior housing and care, how to build a budget and creative funding solutions.


At Sodalis Senior Living communities, we’re up to date on the latest news, trends and research. Our blogs, are one of the valuable resources we provide for our readers to review.

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