Very Friendly

We’ve chosen Sodalis Deer Park. The place is beautiful, very clean, and very friendly. The staff was well informed. I liked the amenities. It seems like a really good fit for our dad. We did get a look at the menu, and they showed us an example of the menu, but we did not sample it. We are planning that in the weeks to come to take him and have a lunch date there. We’re also planning to go and maybe do either bingo or a movie night so he can kind of interact with others just to make sure it is the right fit. It looks like they had some arts and crafts stuff. They had some music. They have guest speakers that come out. It seems pretty active. She did mention they take some off-site trips like they’ll go out to have dinner once a month, and sometimes the schools put on shows. They might go see the show or something like that. Everything was just what we needed. We looked at the larger single, as well as a studio single. The studio is more fitting for what we need. We didn’t need the extra space. But the restrooms are really large with the safety feature, you just kind of step in and you don’t have to step over a tub or anything. All the handrails are in place, a lot of closet space, but it was nice that they provided a refrigerator, which was unexpected. This looks like it would be a nice place for him to call home. The staff was all smiles, very friendly, very helpful, and answered all of our questions. She gave me her cell phone number if I needed anything. And she lives close by but was very compassionate because she’d been through the same thing with her own father. They did a great job. I like the fact that in addition to the regular dining area, they also have, like, a private dining room. So if you want to have a family gathering, you have a space to do that, and they don’t charge you extra for it. The price was right too, it’s not as expensive as some, a little bit more than others, but it just looks like it’s going to be worth it. It has a better value.

Leslie, resident 

So Happy

I would like to thank Dee Dee and staff for helping me with Shirley’s 86th birthday on Saturday. She said they have never seen Shirley so happy and smiling and laughing. We sang to her and she ate a huge piece of birthday cake…I couldn’t have made the day anymore special, this is the first time I have seen “My Shirl” in years. Thanks to everyone!

Traci P., relative of resident 


Diversity in Frontline staff, management team and the residents that live there. Love the diversity of culture and languages. Makes my dad feel like home. The food is outstanding! The staff love what they do. It’s a beautiful community. We loved that it’s one floor and it is always clean! Residents are well taken care of. A beautiful, well run and overall incredible community.

Melanie A., relative of resident 

Shout Out to An Amazing Team Member

I was in visiting my mother Linda yesterday, and Kaley stopped in to tidy up. She is absolutely great!! She is so good with my Mom, and caring and personable.

Mom absolutely thinks the world of her (as she does everybody) and I just wanted to mention how much I like her too. Knowing she is there, gives me a lot of comfort, knowing she checks on Mom frequently. Don’t lose her!! She is a Superstar!!

David C.

Amazing Staff Members

My family would like to let you know that there are several staff members that we feel needs to have a good review. The chef during the week Brittany has been so accommodating to our family member. She has gone out of her way to make sure that our family member has a good meal and what they like. The chef on the weekends always gets high praise from the tables and they enjoy how attentive he is to their needs. Your med tech nurses are very professional with residents. They are great Janet, Coco, and Hilda 1 always make sure to give the morning and evening medication on time and check their blood pressure. They are always observed helping out with the residents by moving them and checking on them during the day and evening. They are a great role model for your residents assistant to be like and look up too.


Thank you so much Traci!! I brag all the time about having a President who is ALWAYS a phone call/text message away. Stressful times are tough but having a leadership team who supports you means everything. I’ve learned what it means to ask for help and not feel like you’re bothering someone. I’ve learned what it truly feels like to have genuine love for people you’ve never met because you all have one common goal. I’ve learned what it meant to work for a company that not only cares about the residents, but also the staff. I’ve learned what it feels like to have a regional team (Dennis/Lori) that truly cares about you and not just how much revenue you can generate. I’m thankful for being a part of this awesome team. Let’s continue to rock out #Team Sodalis!! The best is yet to come.

​Shadia Freeman, LPN, Executive Director Sodalis Martinez


I’m new to the Sodalis family but in the last year we all have experienced something new in the world together. POST COVID. Never in anyone’s life has anyone experienced POST COVID we all did it together. I have learned through this process that personal contact and socialization play a bigger part in my life than I ever understood. I’m sure everyone would agree that they would love to return to the days of pre covid but If we pause to recognize the positives and the ways we’ve grown, we’ll see that the small things can make this crazy time memorable in a good way especially with courage, strength, and resiliency shown around the world. Side by side 6 feet apart one day at a time. Thankful for you and the awesome team I have the pleasure of working with daily!

​Sondra Mize, Executive Director Sodalis-Austin

Everything and More

Last October I was on a search for my Mom to find an assisted living residence with caring/loving people, fun social activities and a warm place to call home. I wanted to find a place that had assisted living and memory care, that way she could reside in the same place if and when memory care is needed. Sodalis at Stone Oak had everything and more that I was looking for. The Bridge Program is a great program for my Mom. It is the “Bridge” between Assisted Living and Memory care. My Mom is active, engaged and loved by all the staff members. Staff are caring and communicative and always available for me if I have a questions and or suggestions. If you are looking for great care and a staff that is loving and caring I HIGHLY recommend Sodalis at Stone Oak!!!

Traci T.

Wonderful and Proactive

“My sister and I moved mom into Sodalis Buda a month ago and we couldn’t be more pleased, starting w the staff, who are wonderful and proactive. The facility is neat and clean and designed to facilitate engagement among staff and residents and family members. We don’t have to be the proxy “supervisors”, at Sodalis, unlike at her previous assisted living center in Buda where we had to request and verify that even basic care was being given. Sodalis’ food is wonderful. – Chip B.

Amazing Staff

My Dad loves it there. The staff takes care of everything he needs. They have special activities every month that families can take part in. I sleep well at night knowing my dad is in such as amazing place.

– Sara L.

Loving and caring staff

“The staff bring their best to work each day and they are committed to creating an environment where they will thrive. When organizations like Sodalis Senior Living treat their own people with care and respect, you can expect their staff to treat your loved ones with that same care.”


My mom loves the activities and staff!

“My mother has been there for about a year and a half. The staff has been very helpful and made everything easier on me. They also have been excellent at handling the pandemic. My mom’s also very happy with the activities and staff. Would highly recommend Sodalis.”


Excellent care!

“Staff has been wonderful to work with and our brother-in-law has been getting excellent care. We’re so happy he’s there at Sodalis Largo”.

Nancy, relative of resident 

Caring and respectful staff

“My mom has been there for almost 2 years. The staff have been most pleasant, respectful, very caring and helpful. I would highly recommend this facility. They have done an excellent job handling the pandemic.”

Sharon, daughter of Largo resident

Unconditional love

We have a wonderful team at Garden Ridge. The residents are one of a kind. I can’t say enough about this place, there is great support and country living at its best. The love for the residents by the staff is unconditional.


Intentional love and support

I am always impressed to go by Sodalis and see the personal connection the staff makes for each and every resident there. As a healthcare worker myself, I love seeing the intentional love and support they provide for the residents through many different ways such as activities, personal care, and even down to the food they serve/prepare.

Eric, Google.com

Absolutely the best!

Sodalis at Stone Oak is absolutely the best! We moved both my mother and father to this community so they could be together. Starting with managment… INCREDIBLE! They have embraced our family from the beginning ensuring they clearly understand our needs and expectations as it pertained to our beloved parents. The management team has a gift and truly loves each of their residents ensuring they receive the utmost attention and care. I am forever grateful!

Pamela, daughter of Stone Oak residents

Caring staff

The staff is extremely friendly. It is clear that they care about their patients and enjoy their profession as caregivers!

San Marcos experience 

Couldn’t be happier

We moved our mother to Sodalis Stone Oak 5 months ago and we could not be happier. The facility is beautiful and the caregivers are awesome. Our mother is thriving there and participating in the fun activities that Sodalis offers to the residents. I highly recommend Sodalis Stone Oak to anyone looking for long term care.

Son of resident at Stone Oak

Love this place!

Garden Ridge is a wonderful and caring community!

Garden Ridge experience

There’s no place like home!

In a whirlwind and dire effort to find the very best place for my Father to continue to thrive in his retirement years I found Sodalis at Stone Oak. My Father and I were met with a wonderful staff of professionals led by Joseph who immediately made my Father feel at home. The home is just that a home! I highly recommend a visit when searching for place for you loved one. This has been a true blessing to our family.

Gary, son of Stone Oak resident

Passionate staff

The staff at San Marcos are clearly passionate about providing the very best care.  I can’t say enough positive things about every staff member and the Culinary Director is always whipping up some of the best comfort food dishes while also keeping them balanced.

Experience at San Marcos

The staff is what makes the difference!

All of the staff at San Marcos are diligent, warm and take care of my mother the way my family would. When my mother had a stroke, they identified the symptoms immediately and called the ambulance. Her survival and quick recovery were due wholly to their quick and effective response. They are absolute saints!

Son of San Marcos resident

Exceptional staff

Staff and management are taking care of my mother exceptionally well. She tells me she is very happy at Sodalis San Marcos. She also gives very high marks for the food.

Drake, son of resident at San Marcos

Heroes work here!

The heroes in your community cared for my mother and extended her life. Sodalis Senior Living, where mom lived for a few months out of the year, cared for her the final part of her life until she went to the hospital and later passed away this year on July 22, 2020. Sodalis at Victoria treated her with kindness, tenderness, respect, patience, compassion, and loved her like family. They made it a priority to spend time with her and keep her joy alive by daily calls with me. She was not just another patient to all of you. She was treated as if she were your own mother.