Amazing Staff Members

My family would like to let you know that there are several staff members that we feel needs to have a good review. The chef during the week Brittany has been so accommodating to our family member. She has gone out of her way to make sure that our family member has a good meal and what they like. The chef on the weekends always gets high praise from the tables and they enjoy how attentive he is to their needs. Your med tech nurses are very professional with residents. They are great Janet, Coco, and Hilda 1 always make sure to give the morning and evening medication on time and check their blood pressure. They are always observed helping out with the residents by moving them and checking on them during the day and evening. They are a great role model for your residents assistant to be like and look up too. The resident assistants are always in a good mood and we appreciate the great attitude that they have treating the residents. Lisa has gone above and beyond her duties she even helped us put together a new bed when the old one needed to be replaced. She even carried parts to and from the room. She is always busy but never to busy to help anyone that needs it no matter how big or small the task is. Rebecca does such a wonderful job cleaning the rooms we could not ask for a more conscientious person to clean and take care of the rooms. During the evening they come back during this shift and changes trash bags so they do not have trash in the room over night. It is wonderful that this helps to not have bugs invade the rooms. Your maintenance man Alexandro is always willing to do anything
that has been ask of him and even helps out during meal times. We have seen him helping to deliver meals and clear tables. You have some very good staff members. Thank you for having such a great group of employees that only gives your residential facility such a good opportunity to succeed.


Thank you so much Traci!! I brag all the time about having a President who is ALWAYS a phone call/text message away. Stressful times are tough but having a leadership team who supports you means everything. I’ve learned what it means to ask for help and not feel like you’re bothering someone. I’ve learned what it truly feels like to have genuine love for people you’ve never met because you all have one common goal. I’ve learned what it meant to work for a company that not only cares about the residents, but also the staff. I’ve learned what it feels like to have a regional team (Dennis/Lori) that truly cares about you and not just how much revenue you can generate. I’m thankful for being a part of this awesome team. Let’s continue to rock out #Team Sodalis!! The best is yet to come.

​Shadia Freeman, LPN, Executive Director Sodalis Martinez


I’m new to the Sodalis family but in the last year we all have experienced something new in the world together. POST COVID. Never in anyone’s life has anyone experienced POST COVID we all did it together. I have learned through this process that personal contact and socialization play a bigger part in my life than I ever understood. I’m sure everyone would agree that they would love to return to the days of pre covid but If we pause to recognize the positives and the ways we’ve grown, we’ll see that the small things can make this crazy time memorable in a good way especially with courage, strength, and resiliency shown around the world. Side by side 6 feet apart one day at a time. Thankful for you and the awesome team I have the pleasure of working with daily!

​Sondra Mize, Executive Director Sodalis-Austin

Everything and More

Last October I was on a search for my Mom to find an assisted living residence with caring/loving people, fun social activities and a warm place to call home. I wanted to find a place that had assisted living and memory care, that way she could reside in the same place if and when memory care is needed. Sodalis at Stone Oak had everything and more that I was looking for. The Bridge Program is a great program for my Mom. It is the “Bridge” between Assisted Living and Memory care. My Mom is active, engaged and loved by all the staff members. Staff are caring and communicative and always available for me if I have a questions and or suggestions. If you are looking for great care and a staff that is loving and caring I HIGHLY recommend Sodalis at Stone Oak!!!

Traci T.

Loving and caring staff

“The staff bring their best to work each day and they are committed to creating an environment where they will thrive. When organizations like Sodalis Senior Living treat their own people with care and respect, you can expect their staff to treat your loved ones with that same care.”


My mom loves the activities and staff!

“My mother has been there for about a year and a half. The staff has been very helpful and made everything easier on me. They also have been excellent at handling the pandemic. My mom’s also very happy with the activities and staff. Would highly recommend Sodalis.”


Excellent care!

“Staff has been wonderful to work with and our brother-in-law has been getting excellent care. We’re so happy he’s there at Sodalis Largo”.

Nancy, relative of resident 

Caring and respectful staff

“My mom has been there for almost 2 years. The staff have been most pleasant, respectful, very caring and helpful. I would highly recommend this facility. They have done an excellent job handling the pandemic.”

Sharon, daughter of Largo resident

Absolutely the best!

Sodalis at Stone Oak is absolutely the best! We moved both my mother and father to this community so they could be together. Starting with managment… INCREDIBLE! They have embraced our family from the beginning ensuring they clearly understand our needs and expectations as it pertained to our beloved parents. The management team has a gift and truly loves each of their residents ensuring they receive the utmost attention and care. I am forever grateful!

Pamela, daughter of Stone Oak residents

Caring staff

The staff is extremely friendly. It is clear that they care about their patients and enjoy their profession as caregivers!

San Marcos experience 

Couldn’t be happier

We moved our mother to Sodalis Stone Oak 5 months ago and we could not be happier. The facility is beautiful and the caregivers are awesome. Our mother is thriving there and participating in the fun activities that Sodalis offers to the residents. I highly recommend Sodalis Stone Oak to anyone looking for long term care.

Son of resident at Stone Oak

There’s no place like home!

In a whirlwind and dire effort to find the very best place for my Father to continue to thrive in his retirement years I found Sodalis at Stone Oak. My Father and I were met with a wonderful staff of professionals led by Joseph who immediately made my Father feel at home. The home is just that a home! I highly recommend a visit when searching for place for you loved one. This has been a true blessing to our family.

Gary, son of Stone Oak resident

Passionate staff

The staff at San Marcos are clearly passionate about providing the very best care.  I can’t say enough positive things about every staff member and the Culinary Director is always whipping up some of the best comfort food dishes while also keeping them balanced.

Experience at San Marcos

The staff is what makes the difference!

All of the staff at San Marcos are diligent, warm and take care of my mother the way my family would. When my mother had a stroke, they identified the symptoms immediately and called the ambulance. Her survival and quick recovery were due wholly to their quick and effective response. They are absolute saints!

Son of San Marcos resident

Exceptional staff

Staff and management are taking care of my mother exceptionally well. She tells me she is very happy at Sodalis San Marcos. She also gives very high marks for the food.

Drake, son of resident at San Marcos

Friendly staff

My mom, who I thought would never like any assisted living home, loves Sodalis. The staff is friendly, helpful and always supportive. They are on top of it all. They have fun all the time. What a blessing all of them are. Grateful for the beautiful and wonderful place for my mom.

Responsive and Helpful

From the day I walked in to visit – I felt that everyone at Sodalis cared about my family. It’s been such a wonderful experience. I get to see my mom through the facebook posts several times a week, which is great because COVID makes visiting impossible right now. My mom looks wonderful, she sounds great when I’ve talked to her on the phone and I know she’s getting the best care possible. I can honestly say everyone on the staff has been such a blessing to us – even the maintenance guy cares about the residents! I had serious communication issues with the previous facility, but everyone at Sodalis has been so responsive and helpful. I am at perfect peace knowing these folks are taking such good care of her.

Caring and Supportive

Sodalis is fantastic! My dad is happy. Everyone is caring and supportive, not only for the residents, but also for the families! I can’t recommend Sodalis enough. I can’t wait to live there myself!!! It’s so beautiful, too.

Amazing staff

Sodalis College Station is everything I could’ve asked for in a memory care facility! Having to find help for your loved one is always a tricky situation, but since the first time I walked through the doors I was met with nothing but love and kindness. My father was one of the first memory care patients in this new facility and they have done an amazing job taking care of him and helping him get out of his room. I’m so thankful for all the staff here! Super clean, open, bright and homey!

100% Recommend
I couldn’t recommend this place more! In this crazy world one thing I know is that my daddy is cared for, loved and protected by an amazing, dedicated staff. The facility is beautiful-the nicest I’ve ever seen. The food is very good and the chef takes pride in his role giving residents options. There are daily activities and frequent outings and the residents themselves are warm, welcoming and friendly.

Michelle Kathryn Barfield Torres, Family member

Caring Home

It’s not a nursing home, it’s a caring home. [The Sodalis team] made the transition of our dad from home care to a more professional facility so smooth that it borders on awesome. Sodalis has a great trained staff. Hands down…the best!

Robert, Son of resident


Our family was so grateful to have a team of loving people care for dad with dignity and respect! You are an amazing group of individuals!

Patti, Daughter of resident

Great Culture

“It’s easy to partner with people who care. You have a culture of well-trained, compassionate and engaging caregivers. Keep up the good work.”

Assisted Living Locators San Antonio

Easy Transition

“Thank you for making our mom’s transition so easy. We never expected her to adapt so quickly! She absolutely loves everyone and seems very happy. She has begun to live again and we couldn’t be happier!”

~ Esther – Daughter of resident


“Both the staff and the community are excellent, and we are so glad that my father is still able to stay in the assisted living with the help of a great staff. Dad has a very nice apartment and he is slowly getting used to being here.”

From SeniorAdvisor.com