The Two Big Ways Sodalis Senior Living Keeps Residents Safe During Inclement Weather

Do you know how your loved one remains safe in a Sodalis Senior Living community during inclement weather?

Sodalis offers residents proactive measures to ensure the utmost safety, but will also continue the many events and community socials, despite the snow and rain! Whether it’s sunny or cloudy, Sodalis stays active to keep our resident’s spirits up with happiness abound. Let’s go into detail on how Sodalis communities meet each residents’ needs while providing a safe place during inclement weather.

1. Maintaining a Proactive and Caring Senior Living Environment

One of the ways Sodalis Senior Living maintains their residents’ safety during inclement weather is keeping up with a regular routine. A normal schedule helps put many residents’ minds at ease and will provide social interactions with other residents and associates to keep their minds off events that could potentially lead to negative thinking. While it may be snowing hard during the winter season, Sodalis associates will host fun events and socials to help drive away the potential thought of holiday depression.

In addition to maintaining a normal social schedule, we will continue the routine with our exercise classes. Even if there is inclement weather, you can rest assured knowing your loved one is interacting with friends while staying healthy with our exercise classes.

And last but certainly not least, Sodalis Senior Living communities provide excellent culinary service that’s flavorful yet healthy. We keep each of our residents’ interests and dietary requirements in mind during each meal and snack-time. Our expert culinary team will serve our residents special, seasonal foods appropriate for senior adults with menus that always have a delicious and satisfying touch!

The Sodalis ambiance and events are not the same, however, without the expert, attentive service behind our caring associates.

2. A Knowledgeable and Kind Team at Your Service

Your loved one is in good hands at a Sodalis Senior Living community. We have dedicated associates who provide the most passionate care and attention during what could be a stressful situation. Even in the face of what could be a stressful time, our team has the knowledge and years of service to know exactly what to do to keep our residents safe.

Whether in assisted living or memory care, we are there for your loved one so they know that they can make their community their home.

At Sodalis, we stand above the rest by providing an individualistic care that’s simply unmatched for our senior residents. To schedule a tour, call us at (830) 624-1044 or fill out our online form today.