Find Out The Best Ways to Make Friends at a Senior Living Community

Love is usually in the air come Valentine’s Day, but at Sodalis Senior Living, we are also celebrating the grand friendships that have blossomed at our communities.

Studies show that as you age, longer periods alone can cause bouts of loneliness. But at Sodalis, we know that no one is never too old to make new friends, especially in communities with many opportunities to meet other like-minded people. There are plenty of ways for seniors at communities to form new friendships, whether it’s over a love for the same hobby or the same food. At Sodalis, our team’s goal every day is to put our residents first in physical, mental and emotional wellness. There’s a certain, unbeatable feeling to striking up a new friendship that leaves a lot of positivity and lifted spirits. No matter the age, friendships are an important and necessary part of life.

Let’s go over some of the ways residents at senior living communities can find a new buddy to talk to or dine with to create a lasting friendship with our seniors’ real-life examples.

Providing the Perfect Spice to Life

Let’s face it. We all like diving into some gossip and getting into some harmless trouble every now and then! Sometimes that fun spirit can bring people together and spark a true friendship. Helen, Heidi and Ellie are a prime example as the fun-loving ‘Trio of Trouble’ at Sodalis Garden Ridge

These ladies have fun just swapping stories about their lives and enjoying the day, and on occasion affectionately teasing Candace, the community’s Life Engagement Director! These three amigos are true partners in crime, and they are even planning a gambling trip together soon!

The best thing about their friendship is the happiness that naturally followed when they all got along so well. One of the ladies’ daughters expressed that her mom has never been happier now that she has her two good friends at Sodalis. It was then, with her comrades by her side, that her mom started to feel like she was home.

Great Minds Think Alike

At Sodalis Victoria, we had the recent pleasure of having Dr. Tom move to our community. Being new can be a little scary, but one of our residents John stepped right in and helped Dr. Tom feel welcome. They talked and John showed Dr. Tom around the community. They became fast friends. On their first day together, they spent time on the couch or walking around the community’s grounds, chatting about their jobs. They now not only share a room, but they also share the same interests, such as fishing and doing handywork. When Dr. Tom needs a helping hand, John is there to help and provide advice on how to do something. Not only that, but their spouses also struck up a friendship together!

Take the time to visit your fellow residents. You never know just how similar to each other you may be!

Sometimes It Just Happens

At Sodalis Buda Summit Oaks, there are two ladies who have grown such a bond that their families say they are the best of friends. Previously, Frances came from another Sodalis community, Stone Oak in San Antonio, and Maria came from a separate community in Dallas. Once the associate team at Buda Summit Oaks saw them together, they knew Frances and Maria were a friendship match made in heaven. The two care a lot about each other and spend most of their days together.

Although the two ladies came from separate paths in life, when they met, they knew right away that they were meant to be pals. You never know what may happen if you strike up a conversation with someone at your community! It could be your next good friend you sit with at dinner or play cards with in the afternoons.

Sodalis Senior Living values the many friendships that have formed among our residents and associates. These special friendships can truly lift our spirits and make where you live feel like home.

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