Sodalis College Station Welcomes Guests Retreating from Hurricane Laura

Kindred spirits at Sodalis College Station opened their doors to fellow elders evacuating Beaumont during Hurricane Laura.

As Hurricane Laura storms through Texas and Louisiana, kindred spirits at the Sodalis College Station senior living community opened their doors to fellow elders from Pelican Bay Senior Living in Beaumont, TX.

A group of 32 seniors, unable to evacuate Beaumont with their families,  traveled north by bus while the staff at Sodalis College Station prepared for their guests. The Sodalis team worked quickly to pull together food, supplies, and of course, enough PPE – all within 24 hours.

Sodalis College Station  was in a unique position to assist this group of seniors. The community is brand new, COVID-free, and just opened within the last few weeks. So there are suites available for the evacuees temporarily, while local residents continue to move in.

“We were so happy to welcome the residents of Pelican Bay to our community,” said Traci Taylor, president of Sodalis Senior Living.  “The senior living industry has taken such a hit with COVID that it’s really important to us that we help each other.”

For the residents of Pelican Bay, it was much appreciated hospitality in a beautiful location during an otherwise frightening situation.  ”It’s kind of scary, but now the sun is shining it takes your mind away from it,” said May Thomas, a resident at Pelican Bay.

“It’s a quite monumental feat to pack everybody up and get all their belongings, said Elizabeth Farris, regional director of operation for Pelican Bay, “but it’s been incredible. We left early this morning and we had a smooth drive in and just a smooth transition.”

The plan is to stay at Sodalis College Station for a week, unless Pelican Bay Senior Living is damaged by the hurricane—in which case, their visit may be extended. 

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