How Gratitude Supports Health

How Gratitude Supports Health 

Gratitude helps people feel positive emotions, relish good experiences, and deal with adversity. Reflecting on the good and bad builds both character and stronger relationships. It even has the potential to counteract depression and suicidal thoughts. But, the benefits of gratitude go beyond that.

According to the Mayo Clinic, a daily gratitude practice has been shown to significantly increase happiness and decrease the risk of disease.

Growing evidence supports that people of all ages and various nationalities who have more grateful dispositions report fewer health issues than their counterparts. Greater Good Magazine launched an online journal program,, and research showed participants to have some shocking outcomes. Participants who kept an online gratitude journal for two weeks reported fewer headaches, less stomach pain, clearer skin, and reduced congestion. Similar studies have been performed with people of various ages were consistent in finding that practicing gratitude equates to better health.

Gratitude might even help you sleep better. Sleep is vital to good health and poor sleep puts strain on the body – physically and mentally. Failing to get the proper amount of sleep can lead to cardiovascular problems, and increase your risk of disease and other conditions. Preliminary studies have found that boosting your gratitude can help you catch some zzz’s much easier.

Everybody has the ability and opportunity to cultivate gratitude. One of the simplest ways to improve happiness and satisfaction with life is by cultivating an attitude of gratitude.