Creating New Habits That Carry Throughout the Year

Creating New Habits That Carry Throughout the Year

While it may be discouraging that almost 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by mid-February, there are tips to help you succeed with your new pledges.  Start by writing down a list of goals for the New Year and then follow these pointers to make them stick.

Change your Approach

The issue is not with the goals that you’re setting, it’s in your approach to completing them. It is important to identify a ‘why’ first. Why do you want to accomplish this goal or make this life change? Identifying why you are doing things will help them take on greater meaning and make it easier to keep you motivated throughout the obstacles.

Make Microsteps

Approach your goals with small, easy to accomplish microsteps. This can also be considered ‘chunking.’ These are changes that you can implement into your daily life right away to make a change. For instance, if your goal is to eat healthier, one microstep you might begin with is putting on your calendar to go to the grocery store at a consistent time at the beginning of the week to buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

Develop a Support System

Another way to ensure that your habits stick is to tell your support system. No one can do something alone, so sharing your goals and progress with close friends or family is sure to keep you accountable and motivated. Moreover, working towards a goal with someone that you enjoy being around is sure to make the tough times more fun!

Change your Environment

Take a step back and evaluate who and what you are surrounded by. Is your kitchen full of tempting sweets and treats that are ready to be grabbed? Do you have a bike to make your goal of getting more exercise by walking or biking to work more reasonable? Are your electronics in a place inhibiting your ability to get those full eight hours of sleep a night? Small changes such as taking your running shoes out of the closet and putting them by the door are more likely to help you change your behavior quicker. On the converse, the phrase out of sight out of mind certainly plays true when you no longer have a delicious looking cupcake or cookies staring you in the face when you open your pantry every day.

Like anything, a habit is not born overnight, but you can slowly turn your resolutions into success.