Name Sherl Woods pronounced SHURL
Position Med Tech / Care giver
Fun fact about Fire Starter She has 1 tattoo that she got on her sixtieth birthday. It’s Winne the Pooh surrounded by Butterflies.
The butterflies represent her grandchildren. (She has 4 of them!)

How he/she got into senior living Sherl had no experience and the Atlantic City Medical Center had jobs that they would train for. She ended up staying there in patient care for 12 years and never left care giving.
She has been in senior living for 23 years.
Favorite part about working with seniors The residents offer a wealth of wisdom and knowledge. From their experiences, she has learned valuable lessons, compassion and strength.

Favorite part about Sodalis family We work together as a team and a family. We have one another’s backs and lean on one another to get the job done.
Hobbies/Interests outside work
I enjoy boating, swimming, walking and kayaking.