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Values In Action

“Values in Action” Colleague of the Month Program

“The Values in Action Colleague of the Month provides monthly recognition of a Sodalis Senior Living community associate who demonstrates our Core Values of:

This Values in Action Colleague of the Month Program is meant to promote, establish standards, considerations, and outline the approval processes for employee recognition that recognize an employee’s contributions to the overall objectives of Sodalis operations and the strengthening and promoting of its Core Values.

Sodalis employees are the Company’s greatest asset and Senior Leadership believes that ongoing recognition shows employees they are valuable contributors to accomplishing the Sodalis mission.


  1. Eligible Employees: All exempt and non-exempt regular employees are eligible to participate in this employee recognition program, except Sodalis Senior Leadership. Additional eligibility criteria includes:
    1. Must have been employed for at least six (6) months;
    2. Has not been selected as Values in Action Colleague of the Month within the past twelve (12) months; and
    3. Is consistently dependable and punctual in reporting for duty, completing assignments on time, and participating in additional responsibilities.
  2. Ineligible Employees: Employees who are on probation, leave without pay or have disciplinary actions within the last twelve (12) months are not eligible for recognition under this policy.
  3. Leadership: All employees within Sodalis Operations that hold a Manager or Supervisor title and are responsible for staff management and direct reports.
  4. Nominator: Any Sodalis employee, Sodalis resident or family member of Sodalis resident.

Leadership is responsible for ensuring that the level of recognition requested and awarded corresponds to the level of accomplishment as well as to administer recognition in a consistent manner. All nominations will become part of the employee’s personnel file and may be considered during an employee’s evaluation.

All cash awards (regardless of amount) and non-cash awards greater than $50 represent taxable income to the individual. Taxable awards must be reported to the HR Department for income reporting and withholding.


  1. The Nominator must complete and sign a “Values in Action Colleague of the Month Nomination” card and identify the Core Value which was exemplified for the nomination. If the nomination is a result of a resident or family member compliment or recognition, the Nominator should also fill out the Nomination Card and attach the applicable resident or family member letter, email or memo. Nominations may be made by anyone with an active affiliation with the Sodalis Elder Living (i.e., management, staff, residents, and/or family members). Nomination Cards are to be placed in the selection box at your Sodalis Community by the 15th of the month for consideration for the next month’s selection process.
  2. Completed Nomination Cards will be gathered by Community Management and sent to Sodalis Home Office for eligibility validation. The Employee Recognition Committee will review and confirm that the employee is eligible for the nomination.
  3. An Employee Recognition Committee shall have the responsibility for managing the nomination, selection, and award process for the Values in Action Colleague of the Month Program. Composition of the Employee Recognition Committee shall be one (1) member of Sodalis Senior Leadership, (1) member of Human Resources, and three (3) members of the general staff population. Members of the Committee shall serve for one year and are not eligible to receive the award during their year of service.
  4. The decision will be made by the Employee Recognition Committee by the time of the first meeting of the month following the month to be recognized.
  5. One (1) employee per Community per month shall be selected for a single award each month. A candidate for the award must be an individual, not a department, division or other functional unit or group of people. Any eligible staff member may be nominated more than once. Nominees who do not receive the award for the month in which they have been nominated, may be nominated again, but will not automatically remain in the nomination pool.

Award Framework
Each Sodalis Community will have a “Values in Action Colleague of the Month” plaque on display for their employees, residents and family members to enjoy. Award recipients shall receive:

  • Leadership recognition and a visit from the members of the committee to present the award during the monthly staff meeting, where a picture will be taken for the community plaque;
  • Inclusion on an engraved plaque to be prominently displayed in an appropriate location of the community; and
  • An employee appreciation certificate suitable for framing.

Sodalis Core Values:

Service: “It’s not about me”
Integrity: “We do what is right, not what is easy”
Dignity: “We honor & value the worth of people”
Excellence: “We always give our best”
Teamwork: “We succeed together”

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