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Sodalis Senior Living. Companions for Life.

Our purpose was clear from the beginning; to help restore quality of life for those with memory impairment or loss of mobility, and to be the companion for our residents, their families, and our associates. We not only follow the latest research-based practices in developing our programming, but we also treat each and every senior as the unique and special person they are. In doing this, we’re able to base the best research on what truly works best for the seniors who call our communities home.

Sodalis’ Companions for Life Approach is based on an understanding that language, touch and movement matters. We make every interaction a therapeutic action with our residents, by using comforting touch and care each and every day. We base our successes on our resident’s interaction and involvement in the activities we provide, not based on preconceived outcomes. Essentially, we focus on the journey, not the destination. And most importantly, we know each and every resident’s life story, to understand what their interests and desires were, and to see how we can help implement these into our daily interaction with them.

Additional Approaches to Care

Person-Centered Care Approach

Sodalis was one of the earliest care providers in the United States to implement the Person-Centered Care Approach. This approach fulfills the social, psychological & physical needs of a person with Alzheimer’s disease, by focusing on each person’s retained abilities, and bringing those to the forefront, instead of focusing on the abilities that they have lost. In addition, we focus on enhancing dignity and fostering independence for each and every resident who resides in our communities by avoiding assumptions and getting to know each and every resident for who they are now and for what their pastime passions were.

Validation Therapy

Validation was developed by Naomi Feil in 1963 to help those with Alzheimer’s & related disorders in the later stages of life. The heart of Validation Therapy is communicating acceptance of the feelings of others and reaching out with empathy to the person with memory impairment. The Validation technique assists in the restoration of dignity of those with memory loss through the use of specific communication techniques that provide meaningful dialogue with those with dementia.

Sodalis Senior Living’s Dimensions of Wellness

At Sodalis, every decision we make is involved around providing our residents with a sense of purpose, fulfillment, socialization, and accomplishment. Our Dimensions of Wellness Program is developed around: Dignified personal care, intellectual stimulation, enriching meals, spiritual involvement, physical activity, emotional engagement, and social well-being. Each of our communities has a full-time Engagement Director on staff in order to ensure unique one-on-one and group interactions, based around the interests and needs of our residents. We also develop our activities around the latest therapeutic interventions for those with memory loss or those who need help with their daily activities. Our Sodalis Engagement Programs are overseen by a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist.

Dignified Personal Care

Dignity is at the forefront of everything we do at Sodalis Senior Living. Our residents’ self-worth is placed at the highest degree possible in each and every interaction we have. From self-care to meal times to our activities, we follow dignified programming every day.

Intellectual Stimulation

We focus on meeting our residents where their current mental abilities are, respecting their needs, and we gently challenge each of them with stimulation games, puzzles, trivia and poetry writing. We also incorporate the highly appraised IN2L technology system at each of our communities. If you haven’t seen IN2L in action, come check it out!

Enriching Meals

The Sodalis communities have a unique approach to dining by creating seasonal dishes based around our residents’ favorite foods and developed around tastes and spices that work best for seniors. In addition, our associates share mealtimes with our residents, meaning we interact, socialize, and help with meals in order to make our communities feel more like home.

Spiritual Involvement

Each of the Sodalis Senior Living communities offers worship or chapel services for our residents. In addition, we incorporate other spiritual programming by connecting with nature in our gardens, singing and sharing beloved memories.

Physical Activity

Physical exercise is essential for maintaining good blood flow to the brain and encouraging brain function and can also significantly reduce the risk of many senior-related illnesses. Our communities adapt standing exercises, chair & laughing yoga, group walking, and fine motor exercises to meet the needs of our residents.

Emotional Engagement

Because the Sodalis Senior Living communities are intimate and homelike, we are able to fully know each resident individually. Their emotional needs are met with care and compassion through one-on-one interaction and reminiscing, and other programs such as baking, crafts, and pet therapy.

Social Well-Being

Social engagements can create a fun and positive atmosphere for all involved; whether it’s within a small or large group setting. By sharing mealtimes, bringing in outside entertainment, celebrating birthdays, and big and small holidays, we make our residents feel valued and at home at Sodalis Senior Living.