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Friends (old and new) are found at Sodalis Senior Living communities

Friends (old and new) are found at Sodalis Senior Living communities

Betty and Teresa were old friends that lost touch after they moved. They found each other again at one of many Sodalis Senior Living social events.
Betty and Teresa met five years ago in a community in San Antonio, TX. They developed a friendship based around their common interest of staying active. Both from England, they would meet almost daily to try new things. According to Betty, “We would go shopping, go out to eat, or we knitted and crocheted together.”

They loved to cook and dine together while reminiscing about their old life in England. Betty fondly remembers, “There were these pear trees on the property and we would pick them together, wash and eat them.”

Circumstances changed and Betty and Teresa lost touch for years after they moved. But these two friends’ luck changed one afternoon. Betty decided to tag along with friends to a Fiesta party at the nearby Sodalis Stone Oak. To her surprise, Teresa was living at the Sodalis Stone Oak community and was attending the party, too!

Great minds think alike; the friends both lived at a Sodalis Community, with Betty living at the Sodalis Living Garden Ridge community roughly 12 miles and 20 minutes away.

The old friends talked, laughed and caught up for the next two hours while enjoying the Sodalis Fiesta-themed party. Before Betty returned home, the friends bid goodbye with a, “See you later!” They plan on not losing touch again by enjoying the many weekly community activities together.

Each Sodalis Senior Living community hosts a variety of parties, social events and health and wellness activities for both residents and guests. For more information on the community locations, activities or to schedule a visit, please contact:

Norma Hernandez at Sodalis Garden Ridge | Phone 210-651-6377
Kasey Shepherd at Sodalis Stone Oak | Phone 210-960-7235