Informed by the CDC, WHO, and Federal, state, and local agencies, Sodalis is diligently applying an abundance of caution to proactively prevent infection in our communities for the benefit of the safety and wellbeing of our residents and staff. We must take every action that will lower our risk. Sodalis is one of the few senior living operators in the nation led by a team of professionals with experience in population health, public health, and geriatric medicine and we are applying all domains to mitigate risks.

We are also applying our experience in telepresence, telehealth and virtual care teams to support our residents, families and even medical professionals in learning how to leverage virtual communications technologies and telehealth, while mitigating the risk of the spread of infection. To this end, Sodalis is endeavoring to apply all its knowledge, expertise, experience, and judgement to be a proactive senior living operator and a proactive steward of person-centered population health management.